платеж; оплата; погашение (долга); выплата; денежное вознаграждение; жалование; взнос

to anticipate payment — платить раньше срока

to authorize payment — санкционировать выплату

to be 2 years behind in one's payments — иметь двухлетнюю задолженность по взносам / выплатам

to collect payment — взимать плату

to default on payment — прекращать выплату

to defer payment — откладывать платеж

to deposit the payment — класть жалование на счет (в банке)

to effect payment — производить платеж, платить по счету

to enforce payment — взыскивать платеж

to freeze payment — прекращать выплату

to maintain the equilibrium in balances of payments — поддерживать равновесие платежных балансов

to make an initial payment — делать первый взнос

to make transit payments — производить транзитные платежи

to meet the payment — выплатить взнос, осуществить платеж

to present for payment — предъявлять к оплате

to renege on one's alimony payment — уклоняться от уплаты алиментов

to stop payments — прекращать платежи

to suspend payment on a country's foreign debt — приостанавливать выплату внешнего долга страны

to withhold payments — приостанавливать платежи

- additional payment
- advance payment
- allowance payment
- backdoor payments
- cash payment
- child benefit payment
- compensation payment
- compulsory payment
- current payments
- debt payment
- debt service payment
- debt servicing payment
- deferral of payments
- delay in debt payment
- differential payment
- dividend payment
- ex gratia payment
- exchange payments
- external payments
- extra interest payment
- extra payment
- federal interest payment
- final payment
- guaranteed monthly payment for work
- in payment for smth
- incentive payment
- indemnity payment
- installment payment
- interest payment
- international payments
- local currency payment
- lump-sum payment
- multilateralization of payments
- non-cash payment
- outstanding payment
- partial payment
- passive balance of payments
- payment by cash
- payment by installments
- payment by results
- payment for official hospitality
- payment for services
- payment in anticipation
- payment in cash
- payment in gold
- payment in hard currency
- payment in kind
- payment in lieu of the travel expenses
- payment of language bonus
- payroll payment
- post adjustment payment
- price-support payments
- progress payments
- redundancy payment
- reparations payments
- rescheduling of payments
- retroactivity of payment
- salary payment
- sensitive payments
- separation payment
- settlement of payments
- social security payments
- state benefit payments
- tax-free payment
- term of payment
- termination indemnity payment
- token payment
- unemployment payment

Politics english-russian dictionary. 2013.

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